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Welcome to Fluid Power Jobs!

Looking for fluid power employment, or making a fluid power career change?

"We'd like to make you an offer!" We want to tell you how much you are valued in our industry. This is the Fluid Power industry job board! It was created with you, the job seeker, in mind, and we're proud that our employers are among the best in the fluid power industry! Free to register and post your resume!

If you have experience working for a fluid power manufacturer or distributor, we can give you an objective view of the conditions in the industry that can directly affect your income and lifestyle!

Our candidates and employers work in these areas: mobile hydraulics, industrial hydraulics and pneumatics, robotics, motion control, power transmission, bearings, and fluid sealing. Typically, they are selling, designing or manufacturing components and systems comprised of pumps, motors, valves, cylinders, manifolds, seals, hose and fittings, or filtration.

A unique benefit of pursuing a career in fluid power is that our industry encompasses many fields. These include construction, agriculture, entertainment/simulation, automotive, material handling, biomedical, automation, machine tools, utilities, wood processing, packaging machinery, plastics machinery, military, marine and offshore, and aerospace.

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Job Alerts and Toolkit

The Fluid Power Job Alert is an automated search that will scan the most recently posted job postings on the job board--and when it finds job postings that match the criteria you set, it will send you an email alerting you of these job postings. This is a great tool to use as it does not require you to visit the FluidPowerJobs website every day to check on the new jobs that have been posted, rather the postings will be sent directly to your email inbox! Create a Job Alert Now!

Tips and Advice

Please use our links on the right to find tips and advice. Whether you are writing your resume, or unsure about what to expect in an interview, we have the resources to help you.

You'll find:

• Step-by-step plans for what to include in your resume, and how to prepare for your interview
• Tips for writing, formatting, and polishing your resume
• Sample resumes from a variety of job seekers
• Ways to market your resume and get it into the right hands
• How to make the most of the internet and tools like LinkedIn and Facebook
• Answers to the most frequently asked resume questions in making your next career change
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